Victoria, BC

Day 6 was a sea day.  Conference all day.

Day 7 was conference in the morning, and Victoria in the evening.  Victoria was a stop to satisfy the Passenger Vessel Services Acts of 1886, which prohibits foreign vessels (as are all cruise lines) from transporting passengers from one US port to another.  So by stopping at a foreign port the cruise becomes compliant with the law.  The purpose of this outdated act is to protect US registered vessels.  Not really sure what this achieves this day in age.

Since we’ve been to Victoria a few years ago, we just walked around to stretch out the sea legs.

This is one of the only 3 photos I took of Victoria, and it was not staged.  I was standing in that spot trying to capture the parliament without all the motor vehicles, and when I snapped this photo, the horse carriage had just entered into the frame.