Botswana – Day Six

Today was our last day in Africa.  We were set to leave Stanley’s Camp at noon to catch a light weight craft to Maun.  One couple in our group had to leave earlier, and another couple decided that they wanted to take the morning off, so it was just Joe, myself, and Ice getting up at 6AM for one last morning game drive.

Ice asked if there were any special requests, and I insinuated that it would be nice to see some lions – preferably non sleeping lions.

He swung by the leopard den for good measure, but there was nothing to see.

Zambia & Botswana 2017 867
A lion track!

Ice saw the print and started tracking.  It was exciting, but I knew to temper my hopes and just enjoy the setting.

We were lucky enough to spot 2 owls, which are usually hard to see during day light.

Zambia & Botswana 2017 869
African Barred owlet
Zambia & Botswana 2017 882
Verreaux’s Eagle-owl with its light pink upper eyelids.

And of course the usual suspects.

We ended upon a herd of about 200 cape buffalos…


Zambia & Botswana 2017 894
The rare buffalo with the white markings.

We were hoping to see the lion hunt down one of the buffalos as the lion tracks were in the vicinity, but all we saw was this little fella scaring the buffalos away.

Zambia & Botswana 2017 918
The buffalo must have mistaken him for a mini lion.
Zambia & Botswana 2017 920
I can see how it can be mistaken for a lion.

Ice must have been pretty sure that there were no lions around, because he stopped to setup our mid morning tea with the buffalos in the background.

Zambia & Botswana 2017 917

Even though we didn’t get to see any lions, we were very satisfied.

It was hard to finally leave camp and say my goodbyes.  This was one of the two trips in my life I wished would never end – the other being Moorea.  However, this trip is a thousand times better than the Moorea trip, and I know for sure that there will be no other trip that will ever top this one.  It’s all downhill from here on out…

We said our final goodbyes to Ice before boarding an even tinier plane for our 10-minute flight to Maun.


A sign at the Maun airport – they mean business.


Can’t wait to go back to this beautiful country and wonderful people…


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